Outstanding Features Features "INTEGRA" Distribution Boards :
Options Available in two types viz. ESTEEM and EXACTA distribution boards. moreover ESTEEM distribution boards are  available with  option of plastic and metal dust covers.
 Aesthetics Elegant, compact box with  fabricated from thick gauge sheet metal. Epoxy powder coated with pastel shades, which blend very well with any decor of the home, office or industrial establishments.
Space-Efficient Ample wiring space and cable entry points and high conductivity copper busbars.
Compatibility a wide range of MCBs and isolators can be fitted.
Safety Distribution boards are available Eatrhing mark bolts .with ESTEEM distribution boards are available with locking feature (optional) which keeps D.B locked, so its contents like MCBs, Busbars, Bushing etc do not lost. and: blanking plates are designed to fill unused modules in DB. The plate is Din rail mounted.
BUSBARS (TPTP Distribution Boards) Tin plated three phase copper bus-bar insulated by one another by shrouds are rated for maximum capacity of distribution boards
Neutral Link Neutral link is DIN-RAIL type having  as many number of holes as no. of ways for fixing each neutral firmly so it may not be loosened in service and it is fixed on porcelain insulator.
Applications Suits the requirements of most residential, commercial and light industrial applications.