Outstanding Features Of “INTEGRA” MCB:
Ratings :
MCBs of standard ratings- 0.3 to 63A, 10KA, 240/415V with tripping characteristics – B,C and D. Tailor made rating SP, SPN ,DP, TP, TPN, FP MCB with desired tripping characteristics
Housing :
Integra MCB housing is made of superior thermoset material. This material is totally flame retardant, which does not allow any effect due to high arcing taking place inside the MCB. Integra MCB has a bigger room for efficient heat dissipation in continuous hot working conditions. This leads to lesser heat generation and longer life of all the parts. Added to that is lesser power consumption.
Terminals : 
The box type terminal of Integra MCB accept up to 35 sq. mm. of cable on both the side with IP20 protection and simultaneous bus-bar connection at the bottom side for easy installation and removal of MCB. These travelling boxes also ensure rigid clamping on the surface of the cable. The fixing screws never cut the cable. This avoids loosening of the cable in service and thus prevents local heating, which is a major cause of fire.
High conductivity copper for Contacts and coil resulting minimum watt-loss, voltage drop and heat generation.
Wire Man Friendly Mountings:
For fixing of MCB a two step Din rail clip is provided on topside. It is very user friendly for the wiremen especially when it is to be mounted at high level, where one has to hold the ladder also. This is not so easy with the conventional clipping system.
Testing And Q.C : Integra MCB conforms to the latest IS:8828 (1996) which is totally derived from the International standard IEC:60898. The product undergo tough testing at the fully established laboratory which can carry out following major tests as specified by the Indian Standard:
A Mechanical shock and impact test.
B Tripping characteristics
C Temperature rise test
D 28 days test
E Mechanical and Electrical endurance test
F Glow wire test
G Di-electric property test.
Add-On-Facility : Auxiliary contacts of 2NO + 1NC or 2NC + 1NO and shunt trip can be added.
Applications : Household application, OEMs, Panel Builders, Maintenance department of Commercial and Industrial Establishments.
Kind Attn. OEMs : We can supply MCBs of  odd and  non-standard ratings, tripping characteristics B, C & D. with Specific time (thermal) & Current (Magnetic) tripping characteristics are available on request. Better quality & competitive rates with assured delivery schedule and after-sales service.
Technical Specifications