Mr. J. H. Vora :
Under this founder of the “BOSMA” group of companies way back in 1962, our country saw introduction of latest products widely used in Europe through him. During  that period, a leading British Company (MEM) -  felicitated him for being the first qualitative entrepreneur in India for such products. He is chairman of Integra Switchgear Limited.
Mr. Deepak Vora:
This young man possesses excellent marketing techniques and has played very vital role in developing marketing network of “BOSMA” group all over India. As a result, today the company has strong hold in L.T switchgear sector in all the parts of India and especially southern India. He is Director of Integra Switchgear Limited.
Mr. Chetan Shah:
A Mechanical engineer with over 21 years of experience in managing in the field of switchgear and electro-mechanical equipment. He has a proven track record and competent to satisfy ever-growing demand in the field of developments and the high-tech areas. He has undergone training at collaborator’s plants in Japan and established in India the Japanese quality standards. Under him, the group could absorb the technology perfectly. At present, He is handling the technical matters as Director- Technical of INTEGRA SWITCHGEAR LIMITED.
Mr. Mayur Vora:
This young man has experience of about 19 years in handling Accounts and office administration of the company. Judicious and economical purchase is his speciality His approach to all the management problems are very practical and appreciated by employees even.
Mr. Pankaj Vora:
A very dynamic result oriented promising man with professional qualification as Cost & Work Accountant, proven track record in achieving targeted sales. He has zeal in Administration and clear vision about future programme and policies. He has successfully implemented automation of office and computerisation of accounts, clearly putting words into practice.
Techno-commercial Directors from various disciplines namely Mechanical, Electrical and electronic engineering, Finance and administration professionally manage the group. In addition to this, competent personnel with the highest zeal and experience in various fields are appointed.
Technical staff and skilled workers:

Qualified and experience staff are working for Q.C. & Q.A. operations, Design and development activities, Shop-floor supervision and testing. Workers are given various training from time to time to make them more productive and quality conscious.